Mr. Roberto Colombo
BERG Sales Manager Italy

+39 340 8018071
+39 0381 641164


“We do it!” ‒ New service package for forming technology takes off


We do not only develop and manufacture high-precision clamping solutions for machine tools and forming machines. You can also rely on us for any service affairs. Underlining this statement we have bundled our previous services into a clearly structured package in order to help our customers solving their problems as efficiently and purposefully as possible. Three performance ranges are available in the intensity levels basic, comfort and premium.

Accordo di manutenzione
Istruzione personali
Consulenza applicativa
Revisione generale
Riparazioni express
Installazione e prima messa in funzione
Corso sul prodotto inhouse con workshop dedicato alla pratica
Sostituzione tubi idraulici in loco
Corso sul prodotto con parte dedicata alla pratica

Minimize your maintenance time and benefit from an uncomplicated, worry-free processing. Our service experts are ready for take-off and look forward to working with you.

Your satisfaction is driving us!

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