Berg & Co. GmbH Spanntechnik
Mr. Olaf Dickewied
Gildemeisterstraße 80
33689 Bielefeld

+49 5205 759-237
+49 5205 759-180


Our promotions

Why don't you benefit from our service promotions for our product ranges tool clamping, special application and workpiece clamping? Click on the link to find out more.

  • Perfectly measured

    Perfectly measured

    Choose quality and cost efficiency, and rely on BERG Spanntechnik for clamping force measurement. ...

  • Powerful clamping

    Powerful clamping

    Power chucks from BERG Spanntechnik offer exceptionally high quality and long operating life. ...

  • Fast reaction

    Fast reaction

    Benefit from our expertise and our experience – also in after-sales service. ...

  • Global network

    Global network

    We have representatives in more than 20 countries worldwide. ...

  • Precisely set

    Precisely set

    The clamping shoulder measuring devices from BERG Spanntechnik are precision measuring devices for preparing your spindle shaft ...

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