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Berg & Co. offers an extensive range of power operated chucks and hydraulic cylinders which meet all the requirements of modern CNC lathes as there are effective clamping force, attainable numbers of rotation, and precision, as well as centre hole width for bar stock.

The range of accessories for power operated chucks encompasses the different jaw systems and internal stops. Berg & Co. also offers machine specific connection elements on submission of the respective drawings.

The documents in our download section serve for determining the type of chucking systems, the desired power operated chucks and the suitable hydraulic cylinders.

On request electromechanical actuators up to a maximum rotational speed of 4,000 rpm and pneumatic cylinders up to a maximum rotational speed of 8,000 rpm are available for fully and partly open centre clamping devices – pneumatic cylinders also for open centre chucking systems.

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For detailed product information, please download the appending PDF file or request our catalog.

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PDF documents
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