BERG takes responsibility for protecting the environment and improving sustainability: Step by step to greater resource conservation and energy efficiency


Corporate sustainability is more than just a trend or a unique selling point. Treating our environment and the available resources with care is, in fact, part of the social responsibility that companies and other organisations have.

BERG has also spent the past years taking various steps to improve energy efficiency, reduce CO₂ emissions and optimise the use of limited resources. This starts with making the production of our clamping systems as sustainable as possible through use of renewable energy and keeping our products in use for as long as we can through repairs, overhauling and maintenance.

Moreover, we have replaced most chemical filling foam used for packaging with paper padding and even got a new machine entirely for this purpose. We package small and medium-sized clamping systems in recyclable plastic twistpacks that are ideally returned to us for reuse by our customers.

Company building BERG Spanntechnik
Company building BERG Spanntechnik

Overall, our employees make sure to reduce waste and treat natural resources with care. A digital paperless office and new energy-efficient equipment are a major contributor to this. In addition, offering mobile working saves money, time and CO₂ by avoiding travelling times and makes it easier for our employees to balance work and family life.

After all, this is not just about ecological and economic measures. Social sustainability also plays an increasingly important role. At our company, we value respect for our own employees (equal opportunities, work-life balance, promoting health and diversity) and ensure fair labour conditions in our supply chains. We have set down the framework for this commitment in a code of conduct that we would be happy to send you on request.

All of these actions are small, but they add up to create an important foundation for a more sustainable big picture at BERG Spanntechnik. There’s plenty left to do but we are on track.

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