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A company follows its own path

To be successful regardless of circumstances – this is the vision that Wilhelm Berg has when he founds the company "Factory for Agricultural Machinery, PLC" in 1918. It owes its name – the specialisation in agricultural machinery – to the political and economic circumstances at that time.
Five years later, the name is changed to Berg & Co. GmbH. But Wilhelm Berg's intent hasn't changed at all: the "sale of machines and tools of every make and all related items, as well as their manufacture" (excerpt from the entry in the Commercial Register from 1923).

Wilhelm Berg
Wilhelm Berg
Karl Bernhard Grautoff
Karl Bernhard Grautoff

The right decisions at the right times

In 1925 Wilhelm Berg decides to develop and manufacture lathe manual chucks, and thus, with 30 employees, introduces the range of specific BERG-products, which are well-known today and still determine the company's production: Clamping systems for equipping machine tools.
After 1945, the circumstances in Germany once again lead to resourceful actions. In order to remain in business, the company founder decides on a short-term changeover in the product range and produces presses for cooking oil and medicinal pills.

Success through innovation

In 1956 Karl Bernhard Grautoff takes over the company from his father-in-law. Today Berg & Co. GmbH is in its third generation of family management. East-Westphalian virtues coupled with the courage to make innovative decisions and investments – the core idea of Wilhelm Berg and his son-in-law Karl Bernhard Grautoff – are the foundation of successful corporate management.
Today, Berg & Co. GmbH is a widely recognised partner of the machine tool industry worldwide. Automatic clamping systems for tools and workpieces in machining and forming machine tools are still the heart of the company's portfolio.

Quality clamps quality

Clamping systems from Berg & Co. GmbH are used in all applications where automation of the highest quality is required. In order to meet the demands of the growing company, production is relocated to a new building in 1989. But, the path that was taken in 1918 is still successfully being pursued, because only quality clamps quality. Consistent market orientation, extensive experience and technical know-how, as well as dependable design, guarantee that all BERG-products are state of the art.
With the highest quality and consistently innovative, new concepts, Berg & Co. GmbH aids the metalworking industry in its efforts to develop future-orientated and efficient production processes. Precision and productivity are always the highest priority.

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