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BERG donates 5,000 Euro for social projects to “Dorf Sentana”


True to the motto “Donations instead of presents” BERG Spanntechnik decided not to use cards and gifts for last Christmas and instead announced the support of the Sentana Foundation in Bielefeld-Bethel with a generous donation. This promise has now been fulfilled!

The animal-assisted offers of the animal sanctuary and meeting farm at “Dorf Sentana” are aimed primarily at socially disadvantaged children and people with disabilities, developmental delays and mental illnesses. The contact with the animals is about care, acceptance of responsibility as well as self-perception, external perception and empathy.

During a personal visit Klaus Wehmeyer presented the symbolic donation cheque for 5,000 Euro. Our managing director got a picture of the modern plant and was visibly impressed by the work of those responsible: “We appreciate the link between animal welfare and social projects for people and would like to support this commitment.” The fact that the therapy donkey Hermine wanted to join the photo rounded off the visit.

Presentation of donation cheque

Social pedagogue Tina Pahl, Hermine and managing director Klaus Wehmeyer are delighted with the social commitment of BERG Spanntechnik.


Tina Pahl, social pedagogue and specialist for animal-assisted intervention at the Sentana foundation, expressed her heartfelt thanks for the great support: “With the donation we can continue to equip our group room. In addition to painting and handicraft stuff we use the donation to purchase therapy materials to promote speech and movement as well as new seat cushions. This great contribution also helps us to realize projects such as the holiday school.”

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