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That’s a wrap! ‒ BERG Spanntechnik presents new image film


This year BERG Spanntechnik celebrates its 100th company anniversary. 100 years in which our company has developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-precision clamping systems for machine tools and forming machines. 100 years in which we worked successfully to establish the image of a reliable and valued partner of mechanical engineering.

Because of our special birthday, we present our new image film showing who we are and what we do. BERG Spanntechnik turned into a professional film set over four days to capture the running production process. The conference area became a make-up room, the workbench a stage and employees became actors.

Scene of the shooting in the production of BERG Spanntechnik

At the shooting in the production area


Thank you to our team which was enthusiastic and passionate about the project. Our employees embody the know-how and quality work for which our company has stood for already 100 years – they are BERG Spanntechnik.

The result is an image film with intense and dynamic images. It conveys what is represented by BERG for generations: the art of engineering made in Germany. But see for yourself ...

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